Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Time is flying by...

All of your hand prints made it and look amazing!

Day Two including some painting fun. Stevie is making a giant paint by number for the pupils to fill in Thursday. The small sections will allow more students to be involved as well as utilize fine motor skills. She was never without an audience and they seem to approve.


After lunch we exposed all the teachers to the magic of Playdough and minds were blown! We showed them how you can make it yourself, passed it around, and talked about how it could be included in multiple lessons. 


Needless to say it was a hit

Today was the 3rd and final day of the teacher training section of our project. The teachers have been great, kept up with busy days, and learned a lot. We started the day with "The Human Knot" to wake up and start the laughing early.

The day ended with the teachers working with pupils, using the physical therapy room, and learning basic Physical Therapy exercises they can now utilize.

While some teachers were in the Physical Therapy Room, others were exploring fun fine motor skill development activities. They loved the word searches and connect the dots so much, it was hard to move on to the next activity.

 The training was a huge success and we will get to see how they can put some of the things they have learned into action tomorrow. The students will be rotating through different stations. Each station is an artistic activity focusing on either fine motor skills and/or physical therapy. We have the Playdough, Crayons, Games, and Paint ready!!! Hopefully the students are as excited as we are!

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