Tuesday, August 7, 2012

And that's a wrap!

Hello Paint the Movement Partners!

We made it back to the states and are still glowing from the entire experience! Paint the Movement was a bigger success than we even imagined possible. The teachers learned a lot, contributed a ton, and left with some new tools to make them better teachers and advocates for special needs children. We got everyone in the physical therapy room and feeling comfortable using the equipment and doing some basic exercises. We played some fun but very competitive games and found that the teachers were gaining a lot of new information from the sessions and were cut-throat when it comes to winning! The biggest hits of the training ended up being homemade Playdough and connect the dots. Lesson plan ideas were flying after those activities and it was hard to have the teachers even move onto the next session!

The final day was full of smiles, excitement, and all kinds of learning activities. The mural was a HUGE success. The children loved getting to paint and did it with such concentration and pride. They didn't want to put the paintbrush down. The hand-print tree was amazing and still gives me chills when I think about it. I'll never forget turning around and seeing 15 students in wheel chairs coming towards me with big smiles and hands ready. The amazing stencils made by Tarik Ragab were a big hit and had people talking. While we were spraying them, one boy with crutches came up and point at the stencil. With a smile he said that's like me! We were also able to help two boys spruce up their wooden wheel chairs with a new coat of paint while we were putting the finishing touches on the mural.

Because of your AMAZING support we made it to 115% and we put that extra funding to great use! First we were able to include more teachers that wanted to be part of the workshop. We ended up having 49 teachers involved in the training. And the District Resource Coordinator was having such a good time, he stayed for 2 whole days instead of just stopping by. Secondly, We were able to scholarship four students for a whole year of boarding school. We met with the Deputy head on the last day and figure out we could scholarship a 7th,9th,10th, and 11th grade for the full three terms plus one term for an 8th grader. The Deputy head is going to meet with other teachers and figure out which pupils can use the scholarships most. He said he will send us names and hopefully pictures so you can get to know them a bit more. It was such an amazing gift we were able to give so thank you once again.

We are getting the incentives ready so keep an eye on your mail box. We have tons of pictures on our facebook page if you would like to see more from the week. If there are any pictures you love and would like to have. Send me an email (stevie.greenwell@gmail.com) and I am happy to send you a higher quality .jpeg than facebook can offer.


We want you to feel like you were there and open up the blog. What would you like to hear about? What questions do you have about Zambia? Questions about the school or week? Send us any or all your questions either on the blog or our facebook and we can continue the sharing.

We can't say thank you enough!!! 
the paint the movement team

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