Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Happy New Year and/or Happy Harvest Season to all our friends and family!


As mentioned previously, in addition to running the workshop this past July in Kasama, we were also able to sponsor 4 scholarships for students at Chileshe Cheplea School with the access funding raised. We  have received the names and photos of the children who's educations are now being made possible by your donations! 

Introducing our PTM Sponsored Pupils...

Joseph Bwalya - Grade 11

 Raphael Ng'onga - Grade 10

 Mercy Chilufya - Grage 8

 Gift Chipasha - Grade 6

We are planning to send the school some small school supplies that we've collected along with photos from the workshop. If anyone would like to write personal letters to the teacher or students please feel free to contact or email them to me:, before the end of October, so they can be included in the package!

Thank you all again, your donations have not been forgotten!
Education is a gift that never stops giving!

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